Swallow Lincs.

10:30 AM

Race overview

10km Start at 10.30am

Half Marathon start at 11am

Limber Road


Lincolnshire LN7 6DE

Just 30 seconds off the A46, around 6 miles from Grimsby.



This race now in its 6th year is a little gem! We give you a fabulous race with a difference in that you need to run with a partner! Run over the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds, deemed an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Every finisher received the famous Beanie Hat, which is great for winter running. You will also receive a pasty/sausage roll and a hot drink.


Latest news

June 15, 2017

On line entries will open at 8am on Saturday 17th June 201730047721840_a53c190eb5_k

June 11, 2017

We will be opening entries very soon! Don’t forget to pre-register using the link on the web site12079296_1170988489595782_6659560938407013808_n

October 17, 2016

gru6 Entries for the 2017 race will open as soon as we have finalised some of the organisational details!

Race entry

We will be using an on-line entry system for this year and replacing the traditional cheque method we have used for the last 5 years. There will be a small processing fee added to the entry cost, probably not much more than the cost of your first class stamp!

10km Start at 10.30am;

Afilliated runner £15; unaffiliated £17.

Half Marathon start at 11am

Afilliated runner £22; Unaffiliated £24

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Race course

Both routes take in some of Lincolnshire’s finest scenic countryside. They are very much undulating multi-terrain events taking in grassland, quiet tarmac roads, public footpaths, trails and meadows.

The routes has been agreed with kind permission from Sutton estates, Yarborough estates and Beelsby farming company, who have kindly allowed us to use their  land for race day.

Half marathon

This course starts in exactly the same place as it did in 2015. It is around half a mile walk from race HQ and starts in a large filed. Turn right out of the pub car park and follow the road until it becomes a footpath. After a short distance you will see signs taking you into a field. Follow these down until you arrive at the start flag.


For the half marathon spectators must walk down to the field where the race starts. Please do not go beyond the first marshal point, as you may get trampled by the runners! Also, you will get a great view and photo opportunity at marshal 1 point.

Rothwell village is a great place to see the runners emerge from the back of the pub, around the 3.5 mile point.

Cuxwold farmyard, which is around 5.75 miles provides a good backdrop to see the runners emerging off the hill top. Please be mindful that farm machinery operates in this area.

There are other points on the course where you can see the runners, but please be careful where you park so as not to block the runners path.

The finish in the park at Swallow is excellent.




By popular demand we have introduced a 10km option for 2016. This course takes in the last a large part of the latter section of the half marathon course. It starts around 0.75 of a mile from race HQ and is to be run in pairs and can be found by turning left out of the pub, right at the end of the road, then first left. Follow this road over the hill then turn first right, where you will see the start line.




These will be awarded for male/female/mixed teams.

Half marathon

1st Place £60 cash, £60 Metres to Miles vouchers plus trophy per team

2nd Place £50 cash, £40 Metres to Miles vouchers plus trophy per team

3rd Place £40 cash, £20 Metres to Miles vouchers plus trophy per team


1st Place £60 cash, £20 Metres to Miles voucher plus trophy per team

2nd Place £50 cash plus trophy per team

3rd Place £40 cash plus trophy per team


  • Is the course suitable for wheelchair users?

    Having assessed the course it is our view that the course is not suitable for athletes in wheelchairs. This is due to the steep climbs and uneven ground. It is not possible for us to make adjustments to this course to allow wheelchair users to participate.


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Terms and conditions

Please take note of the following conditions of entering the race


  • The race is to be run in pairs, in any combination of male/female or age. Runners must cross the finish line together before you will be given a finish time/position.
  • UK Athletics rules will be adhered to throughout the race.
  • Minimum age for entry is 17 for the half marathon and 15 for the 10km, as per UKA rulings.
  • This is a challenging event over difficult terrain. It is your responsibility to make sure you have the required fitness to complete the race. You will need to make a sound judgement on what footwear you will need for the race. This is not the responsibility of the race organisers.
  • Please listen to and respond to the advice given by race officials and marshals. They are there to ensure that you and the general public are safe.
  • You enter this race entirely at your own risk. The organisers will not be liable for any injury to you, no matter how it was caused.
  • There will be event medical cover in place at the race. If you require any assistance, please notify a marshal/official and they will make contact with the medics.
  • Due to the nature of the course it is not suitable for wheelchair athletes. However, if a potential runner with disabilities wishes to enter, please make contact with the organisers to discuss the feasibility.
  • Water will be available at 3 stations for the half marathon and 1 for the 10km as well as at the finish. Please respect the countryside and dispose of your bottles in a sensible manner.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the first 3 male, female and mixed teams.
  • Please note that roads will be open to traffic on the course, so please take great care. As a result headphones are not allowed to be worn. Anyone found wearing them will be asked to remove themselves from the race, will not appear on the results sheet and will not receive their beanie hat, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • In the event that adverse weather or any other prevailing circumstances mean that the race is to be cancelled, details will be recorded on the web site and on the Facebook page. A message will also be left on the event mobile phone.
  • Please ensure that you note any medical conditions on the rear of your running number. If you have any prevailing medical condition that you wish to make the organisers aware of then please notify by e mail.
  • Results will be posted on the event web site within 3 days of completion.
  • Refunds will not be granted.
  • Entry deferral to future years will not be granted.
  • Do not run using any other runners number. We will accept change of runner details up to 3pm on Monday 9th October 2017.
  • By entering the race you give your permission for any photographs/video recordings to be used on the event web site.
  • We will only share your e mail address with our reputable sponsors. We will not sell your details to any third parties.
  • If you are a trophy winner it is your responsibility to collect it from the race presentation or ask someone else to collect it on your behalf.


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Many thanks to all of the photographers who have very kindly shared all of their photographers for you.

Steve Green

PTI Hull Personal Training  Face Book

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