Great Grimsby 10k …choose your running number?

June 19, 2017

Want to choose your race number?

🌟 YES YOU CAN! – Runners LOVE a special number! age, date of birth, amount of races run, memorable dates…..or just a quirky number like 666! 🌟 Numbers up to 3,000 available!!

🌟For the next 4 days ONLY, we’re giving you ALL the opportunity to pick your race number for a small donation, by doing this you will be helping us to raise some funds for our race charity partner The Health Tree Foundation 🌟 A minimum donation of £5 will give you the number of your choice. 🌟 ALL money raised will be spent locally at the Diana Princess of Wales Hospital.

🌟 All you need to do is email to request your number, PLEASE supply your full name and date of birth, Lauren will respond confirming it’s available and send you a link straight to their just giving page. > FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!!<

💫 This opportunity is ONLY until 12pm on Friday 23rd June.

Metres to Miles Special Offer
Ready for some news shoes? Why not visit Metres to Miles of Epworth as they are offering 10% off and a free gait analysis to ensure you have the right shoes for you. Everyone will be put into a draw for a fabulous running kit of shoes, socks, top and shorts!
Transfer of Places Please note these are being handled by the on-line entry company(please do not contact Tape2Tape) and will stop at 9am on Sunday 25th June, no exception. We have a massive amount of work to do to ensure you all have your personalised running number and timing chip. Please do not ask after this date, as we do not have time to reply! Full details on the WEB SITE FAQs.
Race packs? These will be delivered 7-10 days before the race to the address you registered with and will contain your number/timing chip and race brochure.