ABP HALF…Monday Ramblings

August 28, 2017

6 Days to Go

Monday Ramblings


Dear Runner
Busy day topping and tailing some of the finer points of the race plan. Went out for a run this morning before the weather rose into the mid 20’s. Looking a bit cooler for Sunday though, fingers crossed.
Arrive Early
Do we need to say more? Probably! It will be a busy day in Cleethorpes, arrive early otherwise you will miss your ice cream!
Ice Creams
That leads us quite nicely onto the subject of ice creams…simple task? don’t be silly! So, here goes
This is a little added extra that we have for you if you want it?

There are 4 outlets within a short distance of the finish line who will serve you a ‘Traditional’ seaside whippy ice cream in a cornet.

Right, before you ask, sorry you can’t have, sprinkles, a flake, vegan, gluten free, swop it for a hot dog or bag of candy floss!! It is what it is……. if it’s not to your liking you could maybe consider offering it to someone else!

You will receive a token as you come over the finish line which tells you where you can obtain your ice cream. Only take it to the outlet on your token, as we need to share the love and keep the queues down.

ENJOY….told you it wasn’t simple!!
Race Day Queries
In the event you have any last minute queries, the RNLI have very kindly allowed us to use their building. Frequently asked questions
1. Where is the start/finish line?….see big arch on promenade.
2. Where is the sea?…..it’s not the sea its The River Humber
3. Can I have a 99?….NOOOOO see above.
4. Can I transfer my number to my mate as I had too much to drink last night?…AAARGHHH..no just get on with it.
That’s just about all for now, we are off out onto the course just to finalise a couple of last minute issues, which is quite normal
More ramblings tomorrow!

Thank you

Nicola and Neil

Race Directors