ABP Coastal Half Wednesday Ramblings

August 30, 2017

4 Days to Go

Wednesday Ramblings


Dear Runner

Ok let us start today with a moan, not very often we do but it is needed. We have become aware of a number of people  selling their running numbers as they are now unable to participate. Getting straight to the point, this is inconsiderate, disrespectful and dangerous.  We need to know who is out on the course in the event of a medical or other emergency. We have spent months of planning to make this safe for our runners, we expect that runners play their part too.

As runners ourselves we have entered several races that we have been unable to take part in, it is just how it goes.

What have we done about it? We have pulled their runner number off the entry system. If you have passed your number on, or know anyone who has, do the right thing and do not turn up on Sunday. The camera never lies!

What have we been doing?

  • Finisher and race crew tee shirts have arrived. No sneak previews allowed!
  • New mile marker signs have also landed.
  • Finalising briefing sheets for the race crew.
  • Cycle marshals are about to go out and ride the full course, hope they know the route!
  • Revision of event plan and risk assessment.
  • Making plans for delivery of the sticks of rock!

Water Stations

These are at approximately 2.1, 6.5, 9 and 10.9 miles. There will be bottles and cups. It will be plain water, special requests of wine, beer etc not allowed!
Do however make sure that you arrived hydrated on Sunday.


Thanks to Beauty at The Gate of Holton-Le-Clay there will be a free express massage service available on the promenade after the race. A nice added extra, you will need to queue but well worth it.

That’s it for now, please help us to help you make it a safe and enjoyable race.

Thank you

Nicola and Neil

Race Directors