ABP Coastal Half Thursday Ramblings

August 31, 2017

3 Days to Go

Thursday Ramblings


Dear Runner

Bit later than normal with the ramblings, just got in from sorting a load of race kit ready for distribution tomorrow.

A glass of wine, albeit just a small one is beckoning us, so will try not to waffle too much!

Footpath Closed?

Received a few messages off runners panicking that the coastal footpath where you run twice is closed! Indeed it is closed, as the Environment Agency are doing some works over the next few months. It will however be open to 1600 runners on Sunday and will close as soon as the last runner finishes…panic over!

Humberside Police; Personal Safety

Had a great meeting with Cleethorpes Community Beat Manager PC Caroline Cameron. As part of their community engagement and commitment to personal safety they have put together a fabulous free runners safety pack. These will be handed out by Caroline’s team and some volunteers on Sunday. Please take the time to read it, as there is some great advice in there for all us runners, no matter how long we have been running.
Caroline has also negotiated a 10% discount on ICE tags for you all, www.icetags.co.uk and 20% off runangel www.runangel.com . Discount codes are in your safety pack.

What else has been going on?

  • Plans ready to take delivery of the bottled water tomorrow from Lincolnshire CO-OP
  • Finalised baggage plans. This will be in a large Tape2Tape gazebo on the Promenade, with a team of army cadets looking after you.
  • Prepared the all important ice cream tokens…..looks like a few have gone missing already!!mmmmm
  • Answered a load of queries from residents about the road closures
  • Thanked a very kind farmer for filling in some pot holes! Think we have gone soft on you!

Busy day ahead tomorrow and Saturday but all is very much where we want it to be .Will try and keep you updated with a few Tweets and Face Book posts.

Wine o’clock now!
Take Care

Nicola and Neil

Race Directors