ABP Coastal Half Friday Ramblings

September 1, 2017

2 More Sleeps!

Friday Ramblings


Dear Runner
Hope you are all resting up now ready for Sunday? When we say 2 more sleeps, for us we don’t know the meaning of the word sleep!
Touch of serious stuff, then a bit of a ramble. We have a thorough medical plan in place to deal with unforeseen medical issues. A plea to you is if you are ill/injured and may become a burden on our medical team then we respectfully ask you to consider whether you should be running or not…Thank you.
No not drone as in the content of our ramblings, the one that will be in the sky on Sunday! Don’t forget to wave to it as it takes footage of you all around the course. If you haven’t already seen it, here is the pre-race footage that Chris from Pegasus Drone Media took  DRONE FOOTAGE
It has very much been a day of tying up the loose ends ready for Sunday…here are a few headlines

  • Finalising the race control room plan
  • Speaking with Beach Safety as they are providing the lead vehicle for the first and last 2 miles along the coastal path
  • Counting the ice cream tokens to see how many have gone missing!  wasn’t me!!
  • Sorting the plan for prize presentation
  • Checking the plethora of race kit and signage

So some really exciting stuff in there, such is the glamour of being race organisers!
Just to finish by saying everything is very much on track for it to be a safe and enjoyable race for you on Sunday.
Take Care

Nicola and Neil

Race Directors