More than just a race!

December 10, 2017

More than just a race!

We support many community groups and charities through the race. One of which is Operation Christmas child. This the biggest childrens Charity in the world. Sending shoeboxes filled with toys, cuddlies and other essentials to war zones, natural disasters and poverty areas. The local export depot is based at the Ice House, victor Street, Grimsby. Volunteers meet every Wednesday to sort and make fillers to top boxes up.

A consignment of spare medals and tee shirts have gone all the way to Tanzania…….

We would like you to meet Moses who lives in Tanzania, Africa. He was abandoned in a basket  in a wood as a tiny baby and taken in by a very loving family. This is a message from one of the fabulous volunteers who took a tee shirt to Moses….

Moses has been doing work experience at a local bakers and is now moving on to do a month’s experience in a local hotel which he will have to bike to and it will take him a hour. There are no lights on his bicycle and we were fortunate to be able to give him your bright Teeshirt which means he will be seen on the roads.He was so pleased when we asked him to try it on and we knew it was meant for him.