May 5, 2018

You must read this and do your part to make this a safe and enjoyable event for all. Tag in/share with anyone who you know is taking part…thanks
The temperatures are due to hit 20 or so degrees tomorrow and will be far warmer than most of you have trained in over the last few months.
1. If you are ill or injured you MUST NOT run tomorrow. Our medical teams are there for emergencies, not issues that can be avoided.
2. You need to arrive well hydrated. Start that now and drink water steadily throughout the day.
3. Bring a drink with you to the race and keep hydrated
4. Consider wearing a hat
5. Consider the use of sun screen
6. Consider carrying a drink with you on the run. There will be a few hand held water bottles for sale pre-race.
7. We are only required to have 4 water stations, we have 5 for you. Only take one drink. There is plenty of water every for every runner, no matter how fast they are.
8. If you feel unwell on the run then be sensible and don’t carry on running.
Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully digest this
All the best
Nicola and Neil