Ørsted GY10K Wednesday Race Director Ramblings

July 18, 2018

Dear athlete

Todays classic phone call. Hi, is that the 10k? Yes it is , how can I help you? I have hurt my leg and can’t run, just checking its ok for me to use my sons scooter instead of running, is that ok? NOOOOOOO!


With your support we want to make this a litter free race. We ask that you help our fabulous team of volunteers by placing any cups/rubbish on the ground near to them. If you are using gels, they fit in your pocket, so please put the wrappers back in there. Thanks for your support to look after our environment.

Social Media

We would love you and your family/friends to share your thoughts and pics before, during and after the race. Let them know that we are on Face Book, Instagram and Twitter #gy10k @gy10k .

Engie Mad Mile

What on earth is that? It is an accurately measured mile on Peaks Parkway around 7km into the race, for which you will receive your time for the mile. The start and finish of this are really clear as there is an arch in the road. Some runners choose to run hard for the mile, others just carry on at their 10k pace, entirely up to you.There are however prizes for the  fastest male/female overall as well as fastest residents of North East Lincolnshire.

2019  Race Entries

Next years race will take place on Sunday 21st July. Entries will open up this Sunday at this years fabulous entry price for a few days only. Hit that ENTER button as soon as you get home from the race!

Please note that this email is sent from a “no reply” email address. In case of any queries do NOT reply to this email. Instead you should contact the event organiser at info@tape2tape.co.uk

That’s all for today, take it easy before Sunday, arrive early and keep hydrated.

Cheers Nicola and Neil;Tape2Tape

Ørsted Great Grimsby 10k 2018