Ørsted GY10K eve of race ramblings

July 21, 2018

Just one more sleep to go before race day. You should be really excited by now, the 450 volunteers and Tape2Tape team certainly are and can’t wait for tomorrow.

Important Stuff

Let’s start with a reminder of the important stuff which will help to make your day safe and enjoyable,

  • Ill/injured….please don’t run..you will put strain on our medical provision
  • Arrive hydrated
  • Plan your journey, lift share, arrive early. Live locally?… please consider walking or being dropped off..thanks
  • Do not hand your number to another runner. We MUST know who is on the course.
  • You will not be allowed to change waves…no exceptions

What are we doing today?

  • Relaxing in a recliner in the garden drinking wine! Oh no that’s next week!
  • Busy day ahead, 1km of crowd barriers to set up in the finish area
  • Course safety checks
  • Packing vans full of kit for a 430 start tomorrow
  • Topping and tailing the final logistics
  • Maybe, just maybe a small glass of wine !


A big plea from us for you to help to keep the course litter free. Please leave any rubbish near to a course marshal. There will also be large bins after each water station for you to put your bottles in and not launced into someones garden or into the farmers field! Thank you.


Our results are managed by Results Base and can be viewed >>> RESULTS

If you have any results queries, please contact Results Base and they will assist you >>> RESULTS QUERIES

Race memorabilia 

We will be selling event hoodies, mugs, bargain running socks as well as training tees in the Tape2Tape gazebo. Metres to Miles specialist running shop will also be on hand to sell some of their great running gear.

And finally

12 months of hard work is finally coming to an end with race day looming. Our aim is to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable race day experience. The last few weeks have for us both been a turbulent one, as both of our dads(Both called Bryan) sadly died whilst we were in full flow organising the race. They were very proud of the race and always provided a massive amount of support, which we have really missed. As well as doing tomorrow for you, we will be doing it for Bryan.

Have a great race and enjoy the day

Nicola and Neil