Race News

September 7, 2018

Dear athlete

Quick update for you with just over a week to go until race day

We have had an exceptionally busy yet productive week in readiness for the race. Always a few problems to solve that no amount of planning could ever cover off! Just the task of popping our trainers on to run the Great North run to think about now! (Neil’s 27th consecutive GNR!)

Tee Shirt size

You will see in the top right hand side of your number a picture of a tee shirt. If it is blank, please fill in the tee shirt size that you ordered when entering the race. This is the size you must pick up after the race. If it doesn’t fit we may be able to change it for you, but only on the day when the last runner has crossed the line.

Race day support

We are very honoured to have the support of  the Pink and Blues from FitMums and Friends who will be on hand in the latter part of the race to offer enthusiastic support to anyone who needs it. They will run alongside and assist you to get across the finish line

Race Queries

There is lots of information on our web site about the race. The RACE BROCHURE as well as the FAQS should answer most of your queries.

We will keep you updated with race plans over the next few days.

Best regards

Nicola and Neil; Tape2Tape

ABP Humber Coastal Half Marathon & 5k 2018