URGENT Gruesome Twosome information

October 12, 2018


We ask that you do take time to read and digest this in detail.

You will be aware that the weather forecast for tomorrow is not in our favour.  We have spoken at length to a meteorologist who advises us that we are likely to experience gusts of wind of between 50 and 70 mph when the race is on. This is likely to mean that branches will fall off trees and potentially cause a danger to you as runners and the volunteer race crew who are out looking after you on the route.

The half marathon route goes through 3 sets of woods and the 10k through 1.

We have been out on the course this morning with another experienced athlete and indeed branches are already starting to drop off the trees in the wooded area that the course goes through. Also, recently 2 very large trees have fallen across the route that we were intending to take you on tomorrow.

Our main priority as race organisers is to ensure that everyone who has entered the race and our fabulous volunteer race crew are safe. Our opinion with the weather forecast in mind and the fact that branches are already falling is that we are not able to keep you safe with the original planned half marathon and 10k routes.

What options do we have?

  1. Cancel the race in its entirety
  2. Re-schedule to a different date
  3. Identify a safe course that does not go through the wooded areas.

With a busy race calendar for you all and no guarantee that we can pull together all of the services (which are already paid for) and volunteers together at short notice, it is not a viable option for us to re-schedule the race.

Having looked at the half marathon course, there is no alternative safe viable option for us to re-route to.



Having looked at the 10k course we are pleased to announce that we have identified a safe alternative that avoids the wooded area, but keeps the same footprint of the original route.

Whilst the strong winds will make conditions more difficult for you, we feel that it is still safe to put a race on tomorrow. We absolutely love the Gruesome and do not want to cancel the race in its entirety.

As a result and to make sure that you all have the opportunity to come and enjoy the Gruesome course, we will be combining into one 10k race, meaning there will be NO half marathon race tomorrow, just a 10k for you all to participate in.

We have spoken at length to the event adjudicator from England Athletics, and they agree entirely in our decision.

What does this mean for YOU?

  • There will be one 10k race which will start at 11am (new start line)
  • New 10k route can be viewed >>> NEW ROUTE
  • The start line is just over 1 mile away from the village park (no moaning this will be a nice warm up!)
  • Numbers can be collected from the park from 930 am.
  • We still require you to go to the respective desk that you entered. Eg Half Number collection desk or 10k number collection desk.
  • Please re-check your numbers >>>NUMBER CHECK .
  • There will be 1 water station on the course around the half way point.
  • You will still receive your beanie hat and food.
  • We are unable to provide you a cuppa, as we are unable to safely operate generators/boilers and keep our race crew safe and dry as rain is expected and we cannot put any gazebos up in the park.
  • There will be no finish arch (but plenty of smiley timekeepers!)
  • There will be no distance markers on the course as the wind will blow them away but direction arrows will be out! (you won’t get lost!
  • You will still have a fabulous day at the Gruesome Twosome!

We hope that you all fully understand our decision and the reasons for it. We also ask that you don’t start asking us lots of questions, as we have a significant amount of plan changing to undertake so that we can put a safe race on for you tomorrow.


  1. Can I run the 10k twice to make it a half marathon? Sorry no, the route is not suitable to do that and all the marshals will stand down as soon as the last runner has gone passed.
  2. Can I now have a refund? Sorry no all race items and services have been purchased and paid for, we are reducing the course length due to safety and adverse weather conditions out of our control. Please also see the terms and conditions of entry.
  3. Can I have a reduction in entry fee as I am now doing the half rather than the 10k. Sorry no, as above.

Thank you for your understanding and hope that you still have a super day at the 7th Gruesome Twosome.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow J.

All the best

Nicola and Neil