North Lincs Half….Pacers needed.

December 4, 2018

🤔 Do you fancy being a PACER at the North Lincs half on 5th May 2019?? 🤔

🏃‍♀️We are looking for pacers to join our popular race crew at the finish times below to help runners on their way….🏃‍♂️

 You’ll need to be able to confidently and comfortably finish at your pace time, this needs to be as evenly paced as possible. Remember you will also be supporting the runners around you. 
Free race entry for our fab pacers.

1h 30
1h 40
1h 45
1h 50
2h 15
2h 30

👍 Please e mail Karen our super Pacer Manager with some info on your ability. 👍

👍 RACE ENTRIES WILL OPEN at midnight on New Years Eve 🎉

 Pre-register here –