Female Results…Knights of 7 Lakes Torch Race

February 24, 2019

We received some communication last night suggesting  there was an issue with the female results from the Knights of 7 Lakes torch race. Having now had the opportunity to properly investigate we can confirm that indeed this is the case. So what happened?

We always advertise the date when runners can legitimately transfer their entry free of charge to another runner.  This time limit was 3pm on Thursday 21st February. All participants knew this time/date and were e mailed well in advance to let them know. We think this is very fair.

We always make it very clear in all of our communication that it is irresponsible to hand your number to another runner, outside of the transfer process. Reasons being that of safety, as we must know who is out on the course should there be a medical emergency, as well as the fact that as with last night, it can mess up the results and deprive the right people their ‘moment of glory’

Last night the ‘winner’ of the female race attended Race HQ and collected her number. For some reason she handed the number to another male runner who duly ran the race and finished with a good time, meaning they ‘won’ the female race.

As responsible race organisers it is beyond comprehension why someone would choose to do so.

This person has now been disqualified from the race.

As a result we can confirm the prize winners are

  1. Sarah-Jayne Van den Bos
  2. Janine Stones
  3. Anna Warner

We will be in contact with the new prize winners during today.

What happened last night is very disappointing as it deprived the deserved prize winners of quite rightly being awarded their well-earned prize in front of a packed clubhouse. As importantly, it compromised the safety of the race.

We hope this serves as a reminder to other runners of the impact swapping numbers has.

Above all last night was a super race with some lovely feedback coming on from the runners.

Many thanks

Nicola and Neil