Why should’t I give my number to another runner?

May 8, 2019

Tape2Tape offer a clear and generous free transfer service for those situations whereby you become ill, injured or are otherwise unable to race on the day. This is automated through Results Base, who provide an efficient on-line entry service for all of our races. Clear guidance is provided by Results Base to both the original entrant and the one they are transferring to. Many runners used this service to good effect at the recent North Lincs half .

Runners are given instructions not to hand their runner number to anyone else outside of the official transfer process. It is also part of the terms and conditions of race entry. The implications of doing so are

  1. It is contrary to the England Athletics licensing conditions of the race.
  2. It has the potential to mess up the results and deprive the true winners of their moment of glory and subsequent prizes.
  3. More importantly, if a runner becomes ill and needs medical treatment, we absolutely need to know who that person is and who their next of kin are so we can make them aware of the situation.

In our view, to hand a number over outside of the official transfer process is at least very irresponsible and not one which we will tolerate.

At the North Lincs half we have been made aware of 2 runners who handed their numbers over, despite being FULLY AWARE that they should not do so. As a result 2 sets of results were incorrect. After consulting with the England Athletics race referee, both runners have been disqualified from the race. As a consequence a team who were prize winners have been disqualified as one of the prize winners was of the opposite sex to that category.

Nobody will be ‘hung out to dry’ as a result of this. We believe in education and fairness and hope that this will serve to prevent any other runners from being irresponsible.


Many thanks

Nicola and Neil ; Tape2Tape