Wednesday’s Race Director Ramblings

July 17, 2019

What a warm one that was last night, don’t think we were the only ones that struggled to sleep. On the weather subject, it is looking like it will be a warm one on Sunday. Have a look at the latest Lydia masterpiece, giving you some simple and practical advice >>>> ADVICE VID

What are we up to?

Drinking lots of coffee for a start! We did manage a very sweaty cycle spin class first thing. Neil sweated that much that waders were needed to exit the room!

Busy day doing loads of race prep. This includes…

  • Unpacking all the medals so we can hang them over your head as you cross the line
  • Kit cleaning, including sterilising all the water butts
  • Recruiting last minute volunteers to ensure we have our 450 needed to make it safe and enjoyable for you
  • Answering many race queries…not too many daft ones..yet!
  • Delivering race signage to the team who will be putting them up on lampposts
  • Collecting trophies
  • Drinking lots of coffee and a host of other really other interesting tasks!

Number Swopping

Can’t believe that runners are openly passing their numbers onto other runners on social media…and on our Face Book page! We have a very generous transfer process, which is now closed. Please do not pass your number to anyone else to run in, it is dangerous as we MUST know who is on the course in the event of a medical emergency.

We have removed several numbers off the system, where we have good evidence that numbers have been exchanged outside of the transfer process.

If you have passed your number on, please advise the person you have passed it to that they must not take part on Sunday…..thank you.

Social media shout outs

Do you want our MC in front of Great Grimsby Town Hall to give someone a shout out pre-race? If so

  • Go on Twitter and use #OrstedGrimsby10kShoutOut
  • Go onto our Tape2Tape Events Face Book page; the pinned post is there for you to put your comments on.
  • Bring a slip of paper to the MC stand in front of the town hall.

Need somewhere secure to leave your bicycle at the race?

We are very grateful to Grimsby Cycle Hub at the railway station who will look after your bike for just £1 whilst you are running the 10k. This is conveniently located just 5 minutes from the start and 10 minutes from the finish line.

Drinks Stations

UK Athletics rules stipulate we need one water station on the route, we are giving you 3. These will have re-cyclable paper cups and re-cyclable plastic bottles(made of re-cycled material). If you only want a mouth full of water please take a cup and not waste the bottles!

Put the empties in the correct bins you will see on the course or next to a marshal.

Thats all for today. Ease down on the training from now on and arrive in good shape on Sunday!

Best regards

Nicola, Neil and the fab race crew

Ørsted Great Grimsby 10k 2019