Ørsted Great Grimsby 10k..not received your number?

July 18, 2019

Updated 6.38pm Thursday 18th July We are aware that a batch of around 80 numbers out of 4000 are astray in the postal system. This is very frustrating for you and for us, as this is unplanned and unexpected, especially given that there is just over 2 days to go until the race. DON’T PANIC!! We have put a contingency plan in place and need your support to make this work   If your number has not arrived after the post on Friday 19th July what do I do?

  1. Please check that you have actually entered the race! Entry list can be checked HERE
  2. Log into the Results Base profile you created and ensure that your ATHLETE PROFILE ADDRESS is correct as this is where you number was sent to. Please note it is your responsibility to retrieve any numbers which have been sent to your old address.
  3. Contact us IMMEDIATELY on Friday and let us know if you have not received your number. You must tell us your full name and address . E mail neil@tape2tape.co.uk

We will then make arrangements for a replacement number/chip to be issued. DO NOT LEAVE IT UNTIL SATURDAY OR TURN UP AT THE RACE AND TELL US YOU DON’T HAVE A NUMBER!