Friday’s Race Director Ramblings

July 19, 2019

2 more sleeps!

By now we hope that you have backed off your training and are starting to ensure you arrive on the start line in a healthy and hydrated state. This web site about runners health is well worth a peruse >>> RUNNERS HEALTH

Race Team

The amount of support this race has received is fantastic. From local businesses, charities, community groups, the general public and most of all our amazing race crew. So many people have gone the extra mile to assist and ensure you have a safe and enjoyable race on Sunday. It would be wonderful if you could do your best to thank anyone who is involved, even if it is a thumbs up as you run passed them!

Last Night

Gosh the issue of the lost numbers has proved challenging, but we are on it and hope to have solved every query that landed on our lap. All we will say is that a couple of bottles of beer and some swiss roll kept us going on the lap tops until midnight!!

What are we doing tonight?

Once Nicola has returned from the nail bar, yes the nail bar, we will continue to pack the vans needed for the weekend. Gosh you have never seen so much kit, its like a scene from Steptoes yard( age related comment!)

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service

We are delighted that you will have a second misting station courtesy of our good friends at Humberside Fire and Rescue Service. They will have hoses in hand ensuring you are kept cool for the final mile of the race.


There will be a number of cafes open pre race on Sunday. These will be located in Freshney Place as well as in the vicinity of Great Grimsby Town Hall. Arrive early, grab a brew and soak up the atmosphere.


Still need overnight accommodation? The Humber Royal hotel in Grimsby have a great deal on for the night before the race. Full details on the race web site.

Race Ambience

We really want everyone to have a super day in Grimsby on Sunday. Join in the atmosphere pre-race in front of the Town Hall and celebrate the day in style. Spread the love, share any pics across social media and let everyone know what a great day it was in Great Grimsby!

Saturday is set up in the park, with 1km of crowd barreirs to place out with precision accuracy.

That will do you for today. Have a lovely evening and we will be back with one final message tomorrow for you.

Take care

Nicola and Neil