Gruesome Twosome Runner Update

September 23, 2019

Thank you very much for entering this years Gruesome Twosome, both races are now full and no more entries will be released.

We are currently finalising the Runner Guide, which will be e mailed to you asap. Your runner numbers are to be collected on race day from 830am in the village park at Swallow. One of your team can collect both numbers.

We will be ordering your personalised runner numbers once transfers close, which will have your team name and your own name on them. This means that transfers of one or both places will close at 2pm on Thursday 3rd October.

Transfer Process

Because it’s a team entry to this event the process is a little different to our normal transfer option. In fact, it’s impossible to use the transfer option on a team member.   To substitute a team member please follow this process   Step 1 – get someone to take the place (obvious, but …) – you will need all their details including ICE information Step 2 – add that person to your profile as an additional athlete (just as you did with the original team member). Step 3 – follow the process on this page which will enable you to swap the original team member for the new person. Step 4 – use the options detailed here  to make sure that the ICE information for the new person are updated. The ICE information is not part of the athlete record because it is only held for the duration of the event and then deleted.   That’s it. No payments, no links, no drama. The one thing you must not do is edit the original team member and change them to the new person – that really messes things up.   IMPORTANT: If the person being replaced is the person who placed the order then the process above will still work! The profile owner does not have to be in the team – they can just manage the entries.

If you struggle with this process please contact>>> Results Base 

Best regards
Nicola and Neil

Gruesome Twosome 10k/Half Marathon 2019