Total North Lincs Half….Week 1 training plan

February 3, 2020

We will post a half marathon training plan every Sunday evening between 2nd February and race day.

With the help of this plan, we aim to get you to race day on May 3rd in peak race performance.

It’s not complicated – just fit each of these runs into your week, leaving a day in between runs where possible.

Rest days are a crucial part of your plan, so if you do exercise then opt for something light such as yoga or swimming.

Go easy, enjoy these runs.

Week 1   Total North Lincolnshire Half Marathon training plan.

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💥 Run with a friend if that helps and motivates you.

💥Record your runs if that helps you stay on track .

These runs do not need to be hard. They should leave you with a desire to want to do more.

We want to help you reach your half marathon goal and can’t wait to celebrate with you on the finish line 🥳

LET’S DO THIS !! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️💪