ABP Humber Coastal Half Marathon and 10k

March 19, 2020

Dear Runner

We hope that given the state of the world right now that you and your nearest/dearest are well. It is great to see that the country is starting to gel together to ensure we all pull through the other side.

At Tape2Tape we are a very small business, who like many others are doing all we can to keep operating through the turbulent times ahead, as we rely on the work we absolutely love to survive. We will also continue the best we can to support our charities, community groups and businesses who we have worked with for several years, as they will also be in need of support.

We have been constantly re-assessing the situation with regards to all the events we have scheduled in for 2020. We are pleased to say that right now we feel the 20th September is a safe date and we will continue our plans to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable race. This is based on information received from Public Health England via our Event Safety Advisory Group, who oversee all events in the locality.

With some re-adjustments we will all be able to continue with the sport we love and still get out for a run. Let’s look after each other more than we ever have done. A phone call or text message to someone who may be struggling with the changing world will no doubt go a long way.

Take care and we will see you soon.

Best regards

Nicola, Neil and the Tape2Tape Team

ABP Humber Coastal Half Marathon & 10k 2020