August 19, 2020

LIVE RACE CANCELLATION (now going virtual)….update from Tape2Tape 19th August 2020

All runners have been e mailed

We have been organising races for nearly 10 years and have never experienced anything like what we have this year. We absolutely love organising safe and enjoyable races for you, but due to Covid-19 this opportunity has been virtually  non-existent.

Our top priority has always been and will continue to be that of safety of everyone directly and indirectly associated with our events. This includes our runners, race crew volunteers, service providers and the public in general.

With this in mind we received guidance from the Government and England Athletics on how we can safely return to putting on a safe road race for you. We spent the best part of 2 weeks analysing and breaking down every aspect of the event from car parking, runner arrival, start line, water stations, spectator safety, the finish area plus a whole host of other considerations, ensuring they would be Covid-19 safe. Our plans went through 3 rounds of scrutiny from professionals who we regularly work with as well as other trusted and competent race directors who care similarly about safety as much as we do and are not going through a ‘ticky box’ exercise just to put a race on.

At the conclusion of this we presented what we feel was a comprehensive operational Covid-19 plan to the Event Safety Advisory Group(ESAG), from whom we need support to legally put the race on for you. ESAG comprises representatives from the  police, fire, ambulance and various departments of the local authority. We went with great hope to a virtual meeting to answer any questions which the ESAG representatives had of us. Quite rightly we were put under the spotlight and operationally we came out of the meeting with praise for the plan we had compiled. However, representatives from public health and others were concerned that the risk to the general public by putting on the race was too high at this time and ESAG were unable to support the race taking place. 

As a result it is with great sadness but complete respect and understanding that we are unable to host the live  race this year.

It is also our view that the opportunity to take part in live events for the remainder of 2020 will sadly be very limited.