Valentine 10k last minute update

February 12, 2022

Hope you are well and your kit is all packed ready for tomorrow.

A few issues have arisen in the last couple of days so we wanted to bring you up to speed.

  • There will unfortunately be limited refreshments available at Quibell Park. Due to a last minute cancellation, there will be just one refreshment outlet selling tomorrow. You may wish to consider stopping off at The Old Farmhouse on your way home, which is conveniently located next to the motorway/football ground.
  • The weather, whilst changeable is looking like wet/windy. We have managed to source some ponchos which will keep you dry on your 10 minute walk from HQ to the start line. These will be on sale for £1 from the Tape2Tape gazebo…look forward to seeing the pics!
  • Don’t forget to keep warm on the way to the start. Pop an old item of clothing on, maybe that Christmas jumper you have been meaning to throw away! All such clothing can be left at the start and will be donated to a local charity.
  • And finally cake……..once you have left the running track please head straight over to the Tape2Tape gazebo where you can pick up a lovely cake.

Have a safe journey tomorrow and look forward to a lovely back wind from the half way point!

Best regards
Nicola, Neil and the Tape2Tape Team