Orsted Great Grimsby 10k wave starts

May 28, 2022

To assist in reducing overcrowding we will re-introduce the 2 wave start which worked well in 2019.

At sign up you choose your approximate finish time of under or over 55 minutes. There will be a gap of around 10 minutes between each wave starting. All times are recorded by electronic chip.

When you arrive in town please be entertained in front of Great Grimsby Town Hall.

Wave 1 is quicker than 55 minutes and starts at 9am. Wave 2 is slower than 55 minutes and will start around 0910.

You will be advised over the public address system as to when you are to enter the start area.

Your runner number will state which wave you are to start in. Those of you who were late entries will have a blue number with either W1 or W2 written on it.

Please only start in the wave you chose at registration.