Gruesome Twosome Half/10k

June 22, 2022

We absolutely love the Gruesome Twosome race, especially seeing all the runners having a fabulous time in this quirky event. It brings so much enjoyment as well as runners blood, sweat and tears!

However, we have given this years race some serious consideration and have made the decision that it will not take place in 2022. As with all race organisers we need to make the books balance as it is our livelihood. Given the significant increase in costs involved in organising the race, relatively low numbers of runners entering races and some additional unexpected land use costs it is too risky for us to open up entries for this year.

We know this will be disappointing for you runners and all the community groups who receive a financial donation from the race…..and us too.

We will re-evaluate the situation for 2023 as we would love to bring it back to the race calendar as we know just how much it means to everyone.

We are sorry that we have been forced to make this decision and wish you all the best with your running