Kings Road, Cleethorpes

10:00 AM

Race overview

You asked us to deliver an interesting road 10k as well as the half marathon. We have listened to your feedback and produced what we think will be a really fast and scenic 10k for you.


Our ethos is for you to have a safe and enjoyable race day experience.


  • Fabulous coastal views
  • Flat and fast course on roads, coastal footpath(100m) and promenade
  • Chip timing
  • Closed roads
  • Fabulous event medal, ice cream and technical tee shirt
  • Great spectator support on the promenade finish

Half marathon

  • Flat, fast and friendly multi-terrain course
  • Fabulous coastal and countryside views
  • RSPB reserve
  • Chip timing
  • Closed roads
  • Water stations, jelly baby and sponge stations
  • Fabulous event medal, ice cream and technical tee shirt
  • Great spectator support on the promenade finish
  • Extensive prize pool


We will be releasing more details entry details asap

Race entry

The race will be held under Run Britain rules and regulations.

All entry fees include a fabulous finishers tee shirt, medal and a 99 ice cream

Half Marathon

£24 club members; plus £2 otherwise.(plus small card processing fee)


£15; plus £2 otherwise

Race course

Both races start on Kings Road near to Cleethorpes leisure centre and finish on the promenade.

Half Marathon

Half marathon route >>>HALF MARATHON

The start is on Kings Road near to Cleethorpes Leisure Centre, where you run out of town towards the Haven holiday Park.

At the roundabout after a mile you enter the Haven holiday site main road and turn right at the first roundabout. A loop inside the holiday park follows, before exiting along a trail leading to South Sea Lane.

Follow the full length of South Sea Lane then a left turn onto the A1031.

A flat straight road section follows across the Lincolnshire border to Teteny , where you turn left at the cross roads towards Tetney Lock.

A left turn onto Newton Marsh Lane just before Tetney Lock, then a right turn onto a trail leading down to the Humber Bank.

A left turn onto the grassed Humber Bank follows, then a run onto the Fitties holiday park.

A right turn back off the Fitties and a left turn onto the Humber Bank.

A short section including a bit of sand, then onto the coastal footpath all the way back to the promenade and a fabulous finish on the sea front.

View the course measurement certificate>>>Half Marathon course measurement

The multi-terrain half marathon course takes in flat fast tarmac, scenic countryside, far reaching coastal views, historic coastal footpath, trails, new and old holiday parks with a fantastic finish on Cleethorpes promenade.


10k route >>> 10km

The brand new 10km course is 99% on road/tarmac.

The start is around 50m in front of the half marathon start line on Kings Road.

It travels along Kings Road before turning left onto Meridian Road, then right into the back of Meridian Showground.  An anti-clockwise route inside the showground is taken before exiting back out onto Kings Road and onto Thorpe Park holiday Park. A loop inside the holiday park includes a scenic section through the centre of the golf course before entering the Fitties Park.

A right turn back off the Fitties and a left turn onto the Humber Bank.

A short section(around 100m) including a bit of sand, then onto the coastal footpath all the way back to the promenade and a fabulous finish on the sea front.


Road closures

Road Closure & Traffic Management Information during the 2020 ABP Humber Coastal Half Marathon/10KM

As race organisers our number one priority is safety. We have a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order in place for the race. This is legally binding and prevents traffic from entering the race route and some surrounding streets before and during the race.

We acknowledge that this may cause some disruption to some people, but respectfully ask you to plan ahead, making minor adjustments to your normal routine. You will see lots of people in hi viz jackets at all road junctions. These are volunteers who are giving up their time to make the event safe and enjoyable for all. We ask that you are kind and respectful of these super volunteers.

Cleethorpes Promenade

This will be closed from The Pier to Brighton Slipway to all traffic from 7am. We expect it to be fully re-opened around 3.30pm. Local businesses who have parking permits will be allowed to park near to the beach safety offices.

Kings Road

This will be closed from the Leisure centre to Chichester Road from 730am until 11am

The section from North Sea Lane to the leisure centre will be totally closed down from 930am until 11am

Coastal Footpath

The area from Cleethorpes Leisure Centre to Thorp Park is affected. This will be closed to all pedestrians and cyclists from 8am until around 2pm

South Sea Lane

Will be closed from around 9:30 am and re-open around 11:30am



  • Anthony’s Bank Road through Thorpe Park will be closed from 930am until 11am.
  • No vehicular movements will be allowed from the yacht club car park to 1st Main Road loop from 930am until around 1pm.
  • No vehicular movements will be allowed on 1st Main Road loop(beach side section) from 930 am until 1pm.
  • There will be a contra flow in place on the non beach side of 1st Main Road loop, that leads to 2nd Avenue and 3rd

There will be disruption for residents and visitors from 9am until around 1pm.

Yacht Club

As above for the Fitties, it will not be possible to access the yacht club car park from 930am until around 1pm.

Haven Holiday Site

The main road through the site will be closed for around 1.5 hours from 9:45am It will re-open as soon as it is safe to do so.

A1031 from South Sea Lane to Teteny Cross Roads

This will be closed from 9:30 am until 11:30 am. A clearly signed diversionary route will be in place for traffic travelling through Tetney.

Teteny Lock

The road from Tetney Cross Roads to Philips 66 will be closed from 9:30 am until around 12 noon. Diversionary route in place.

You will see lots of these signs around Grimsby, indicating times that roads will be closed. This is the absolute worst case scenario and roads will be opened up on a rolling basis as soon as it is safe to do so. Rest assured, we will open sections of road up asap.


We will be going to significant lengths to advertise the road closures

  •  letters delivered to residents and businesses on the route
  • Local media awareness
  • Social media posts
  • Advanced signage on the route 2 weeks before race day
  • Signed diversionary routes
  • Consultation with all emergency services
  • Correspondence with Parish Councils
  • Bus and taxi companies aware
  • Haven holiday park meetings
  • Fitties community groups contacted


Wherever possible please use one of the many car parks in Cleethorpes.

You must aim to arrive very early as Cleethorpes will be very busy.

The start line is on Kings Road near to the Cleethorpes Leisure Centre. This is about half a mile from the finish line which is located on Central Promenade.

Please note, Central Promenade will be closed from The Pier down to Brighton Slipway from 7am, so no parking will be possible for the duration of the event.

The car parks off Kings Road will be accessible until 920am. They will then be closed until around 115am to allow the race to safely get underway.

Please click on the following two documents for full details of car parks in Cleethorpes.




Half Marathon

Cash prizes for first, second and third placed male and female:  first £250, second £150 and third: £100.

Under 20’S Trophy and voucher for first male and female in this age category.

Veterans prizes: trophy and voucher for first male and female runner in the following age categories: male 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70,75,80 and female 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70,75,80

UKA Running Club challenge: 1st,2nd,3rd Teams. First 4 male and first 4 female runners from each UKA club to count. Individual trophies and vouchers

10 km Race

1st male/female £150 plus trophy

2nd male/female £120 plus trophy

3rd male/female £100 plus trophy


we may extend the prize pool for the 10k depending on how many runners enter the race.


  • Can I have a refund/defer/transfer my entry?

    Sorry no. Please see the terms and conditions you signed up to. As soon as you enter the race we incur costs including vat, on-line entry fees etc You can however transfer your entry free of charge to another runner up until 9am on 24th August. Details of how to do so can be found >>> TRANSFERS After this time we re unable to take further transfers

  • Can I wear earphones in the race?

    The organisers do not advocate the use of personal headphones during the race. We are bound by the rules of England athletics who state that only bone conducting earphones may be used in a race where the roads are not closed to traffic. If you do choose to run with headphones on you do so entirely at your own risk as it will significantly reduce your ability to listen to safety instructions

  • What is the minimum age?

    Half marathon 17 10k is 15

  • Can I transfer my entry to another runner?

    Yes you can  transfer your entry free of charge to another runner up until 9am on 19th August.   We have a free transfer service for those situations whereby you are unable to take part in the 10k for whatever reason. Please follow this guidance...

    • Log into your profile at Results Base
    • Select Your tickets
    • Find the Ticket which contains your entry to the event and click the Changes button
    • Click Change owner. You will be prompted to enter the email address of the person who is taking over the entry and they will receive an email with all the necessary information and links.
    • Note that the transfer process must be COMPLETED by the deadline - the person you are transferring to needs to be aware of this.
    Results Base, who manage on-line entries on our behalf, have produced an information page if you need any additional advice to complete your transfer.  >>>TRANSFER

  • When will I receive my running number and timing chip?

    About a week prior to the race

  • I have moved address or wish to update some other entry details.

    You can change your address, and other details like your club, by looking for your entry under Your tickets once you are logged into your Results Base  profile Use the Edit participant option. Please also take a moment to check that we have a valid mobile number and email address registered for you in the athlete data. NOTE: this is a new location for your information, it is no longer held in 'Your athletes' as it has been in previous years. If you entered another person on your order then you are also responsible for checking and updating their information as their athlete details are also held on a Ticket in your profile. Results Base have produced an information page if you need any additional advice to update your details. >>>UPDATES

  • Can I run with a dog?

    Sorry no. You can however run with a sighted dog for runners with impaired vision.

  • When will I receive my finishers tee shirt?

    When you finish the race! They are finishers tee shirts, so if you withdraw from the race you will not receive a tee shirt or medal.

  • Is the race suitable for wheelchair athletes?

    Unfortunately there is a section of the course which is around 100m in length on a bumpy cliff top, which ends with a short section through sand. Our view is that this section is not suitable for wheelchair use. We have looked at other viable alternative routes, which do not adversely impact on the local community with additional road closures, but have sadly not been able to identify such a route.



Terms and conditions

I am a Participant and acknowledge that by participating in the Event, I agree to the terms below and the Conditions, which include details of my cancellation rights. I also understand that I am entering in to a contract with Tape2Tape and not [England Athletics Limited and/or] [UK Athletics Limited].

I hereby:

agree that any participation by me in the Event is solely and entirely at my own risk and (to the extent permitted by law) no person(s) or organisation(s) shall be liable for any accident, harm, injury, loss or damage to property, however so caused, arising out of or in connection with or, suffered during or as a result of, my participation in the Event, provided always that nothing shall exclude liability for death or personal injury caused directly by the negligence of the organiser or its employees;

consent to medical assistance and/or medical care being given to me in the case of illness, injury or an emergency situation, should this occur during the Event, such assistance to be given by the organiser, its employees, contractors or other trained personnel conducting the Event (which may include the use of anaesthetics);

I acknowledge and agree that:

running is an endurance sport;

I should only undertake such an activity to a level which reflects my level of fitness;

I am responsible for monitoring my own physical condition prior to and during participation in the Event; are advised to note the advice at

understand the importance, for safety reasons, of obeying the rules, guidelines and instructions given by the Event Organisers officials, stewards, nominated representatives and other authorised personnel and hereby agree to abide by the same and to behave responsibly at all times during the Event and be mindful of the impact of my actions on others; and

agree that my participation in the Event is for recreational and/or charity fundraising purposes only and I will not participate in the Event for any commercial or business purpose. The Event organiser will have no liability to the Participant for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or other loss of business opportunity.

Minimum age for entry is 17 in the half marathon and 15 for the 10km.

Refunds of entry fee will not be considered under any circumstances.

Entries can not be deferred to future years.

You can not transfer entries to any other Tape2Tape event. The only exception is if you have entered the half, you can transfer to the 10k free of charge up until 9am on Monday 24th August.

Entries received prior to 9am on Monday 24th August  will have the runners first name on their runner number.

Do not run using any other runners number. You can transfer to another runner up until 8am on Monday 24th August

.The organisers will not be responsible for the loss, theft or damage of your personal belongings, other than caused as a result of our negligence.

If a runner with disabilities wishes to enter, please make contact with the organisers to discuss the feasibility of safely participating in the race. We will arrange a site visit with you so that you can undertake a suitable assessment of risk.

The organisers do not advocate the use of personal headphones during the race. We are bound by the rules of England athletics who state that only bone conducting earphones may be used in a race where the roads are not closed to traffic. If you do choose to run with headphones on you do so entirely at your own risk as it will significantly reduce your ability to listen to safety instructions.

In the event that adverse weather or any other prevailing circumstances mean that the race is to be cancelled, details will be recorded on this website and on the event Face book page. A message will also be left on the event mobile phone. No refunds will be given, however we will make arrangements so you can collect your race souvenirs. The organisers are not liable in any way for any expenditure you may have incurred.

Please ensure that you note any medical conditions on the rear of your running number. If you have any prevailing medical condition that you wish to make the organisers aware of then please notify by e mail.

Tape2Tape  will be taking photos at the race. These images will be used  to share news about the event and to publicise our next event.  Images may be used in press releases, printed publicity and published on the Tape2Tape webbsite, Flickr, Facebook etc . If you would prefer for you or your child (when photographing under 18s) not to be photographed, please speak to Tape2Tape.

Anyone who is proven to have cheated in the race or breached UK Athletics rules will be disqualified from the race at the discretion of the race director and referee. Anyone who has won prize money and is subsequently found to have cheated or in breach of UKA rules will be required to return all monies in full within seven days of request.

Runners must not be accompanied by anyone on a pedal cycle.

All dogs are banned from the race. Anyone wishing to run with a guide dog must contact the organisers in advance of race day.

All prams, pushchairs and buggies are banned from the race.

In the event that you are prize winner it is your responsibility to either collect it yourself at presentation or ask someone to do so on your behalf. The organisers will not take responsibility for posting out prizes after race day.

Any found property handed to Tape2Tape will be kept for two weeks after the race then it will be disposed of. Any postage charges will be the responsibility of the loser should a request be made to post lost items.

It is your responsibility to check that any food you purchase at the event is suitable for your needs and does not contain any ingredients that you are unable to consume as a result of a medical condition.

Tape2Tape are committed to the General data protection regulations. Full details can be found in our privacy policy .

Thank you for submitting your details.

We will be in touch with you if more places become available.

Time Limit

There will be a strictly imposed 2 hour time limit for the 10km race and 3h 15 minutes for the half marathon.

This is a running event so we reasonably expect everyone to finish within these timescales This is necessary to minimise disruption to the general public due to the roads being closed.

Anyone who fails to reach the half way point 1 hour for the 10k and 1h 48 mins after the last runner has  gone over the start line will not be allowed to continue in the race and will be offered a lift in the sweep vehicle.