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March 3, 2019

🥇 Ever wondered what happens to left over medals and tee shirts? 👚

🏃‍♂️It is always a difficult decision knowing how many medals we need as the order needs to be placed 3 months before every race! 🏃‍♀️

🤔We do try and keep left overs to a minimum but inevitably there are always plenty left after a race .😀

🎄 We work very close with the fabulous charity Operation Christmas Child based in Grimsby. They do an amazing job, packing thousands of shoe boxes which go to needy children all over the world. 🎅🏻

👍There are now literally thousands of children happily sporting Tape2Tape medals and tees all over the world 🌎

👏So by entering our races you are truly helping to put a smile on lots of children’s faces every Christmas 👏




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he races are inclusive and we encourage entries from all runners, irrespective of their ability.We encourage anyone who has any concerns about the courses and whether or not they are suitable for their individual circumstances to contact Nicola by e mail Nicola@tape2tape.co.uk or telephone 01472 824894. We will be happy to meet with you on the course and discuss any areas of concern you may have.

5KM Course

The 5km course is flat and predominantly on tarmac roads/footpaths. This is with the exception of around 80m on flat grass. There are also a number of road humps on Anthony’s Bank Road.

Half Marathon Course

The half marathon takes place on a mix of tarmac roads/paths, trail and a 1.5 mile section on a coastal path. Our view is that the half marathon is not suitable for wheelchair athletes due to the nature of the terrain. Unfortunately it is not possible to make reasonable adjustments to the course to provide an alternate route.


We are bound by Run Britain rulings which state the minimum age for the 5km is 12 and for the half marathon it is 17.


There are plenty of parking spaces close to the start/finish area.


There are wheelchair friendly toilets located on Sea Road, Cleethorpes. We will also provide a similarly friendly portaloo which will be located on the sea front.

Visual impairment

Any visually impaired athlete is encouraged to run with a guide, who has a hi-viz tabard on denoting their role. Entry into the race is free for a guide, please contact Nicola@tape2tape.co.uk or telephone 07919603800.


Race information

If you wish to receive any race material in a format which meets your needs then please contact us.

Public Transport

There is plenty of public transport accessing Cleethorpes  Town centre (buses, trains and taxis), only a short distance away from the race start.

Race Day assistance

If any athlete requires specific assistance on race day, we ask that you contact us as early as possible.


We actively encourage anyone to come forward and volunteer to assist at the race. We will work with you to provide the most appropriate role for your circumstances


As race organisers we are keen to improve how we make the event truly inclusive. If you have any queries or suggestions on how to improve our inclusivity then contact Nicola@tape2tape.co.uk or telephone 01472 824894.

Start Lines

The start line for the half, 5km and fun run are on Kings Road near to Cleethorpes leisure centre

1000 half marathon start, immediately followed by the fun run from the same start line

1020 the 5k will start around 200m further down Kings Road opposite the Wellow pub. 5k runners are to converge on the grassed area near to their start line, from where you can cheer on the half marathon runners!


Some of the ways that we ensure that we maintain a positive environmental impact at our event


  • Encouraging car sharing
  • Ensuring all rubbish is removed from the route
  • Using drinks containers that can be re-cycled
  • Any discarded clothing left at the start line by runners in collected and then donated to a local charity
  • Key information is emailed to participants instead of being posted.
  • We do not give away goody bags.
  • Left over tee shirts and medals are given to the charity Operation Christmas child, who give them to needy children around the world