Morton, Gainsborough

10:00 AM

Race overview

Update 25TH July.

Entry will open at 6pm on Friday 13th August. More details to follow asap.

Latest news

January 11, 2021

Update 11th January 2021…e mail sent out to all runners.

This includes options regarding entry…check your spam.

We hope that you are keeping well and still managing to keep yourself in a reasonable state of fitness.

Sadly, it is not going to be possible for the race to take place in March. With the country being in a National lockdown we are some way off being able to consider organising safe and enjoyable live races for you.

We are however confident given the timescales for the vaccination roll out that we should be on reasonably firm ground to host the race on Sunday 7th November 2021.

December 14, 2020

Update 14 December 2020

It is our intention to continue exploring a safe way for the race to take place. We will make a final decision by 7th February and update all current and potential new entrants accordingly.

Race entry

Entries will open soon.

£19 affiliated; £21 unaffiliated

Every runner will get:

  • A flat, fast, friendly and scenic race
  • Totally closed roads
  • Fantastic bespoke medal
  • Cake
  • Professional medical back up
  • Free parking
  • Free photographs
  • Fabulous marshals
  • Competitive fun!

Race HQ


Our Race HQ will be at the lovely location of Morton Village Hall.

Here there will be:

  • Plenty of Portaloos
  • Baggage drop
  • Refreshments
  • Entry queries
  • Presentation
  • Metres to Miles specialist running shop

This is a short walk from the start and finish lines. There is limited parking in this area, runners are advised to use the High School for safe off street parking.

Race course

This is a lovely flat, fast, friendly and scenic 10km course.

You can view the electronic map >>>> VIEW ROUTE

Road closures

The race will be run on totally closed roads.

As race organisers our number one priority is safety. We will have a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order in place for the race. This is legally binding and prevents traffic from entering the race route and some surrounding streets before and during the race.

We acknowledge that this may cause some disruption to some people, but respectfully ask you to plan ahead, making minor adjustments to your normal routine. You will see lots of people in hi viz jackets at all road junctions. These are volunteers who are giving up their time to make the event safe and enjoyable for all. We ask that you are kind and respectful of these super volunteers.


We will be going to significant lengths to advertise the road closures

  • Hundreds of letters delivered to residents and businesses on the route
  • Local media awareness
  • Social media posts
  • Advanced signage on the route a week before race day
  • Signed diversionary routes

Full details of specific roads affected will be posted here several weeks prior to the race.



We ask that you travel to the race with more than you in the car! This will assist in reducing the environmental impact of the race and reduce the need to queue when parking.

The main race car park is at Queen Elizabeth High School, Morton Terrace, Gainsborough DN21 2ST. School staff will be on hand to ensure you are parked up safely.

There is a much smaller car park at Morton Cleveland Surgery, Vanessa Dr, Gainsborough DN21 2UQ

There is also plenty of on street parking within a mile of the start/finish area.

We are very reliant on the support of the local community, so please park in a safe and sensible manner



The race offers a very generous prize pool:

1st Male/Female £200

2nd Male/Female £150

3rd Male/Female £100

Team awards

There will be a prize for the first male and first female England athletics club runners; first 4 runners to count. This will be based on aggregate finish positions.

Vets Prizes

Due to the potential for cold weather, we do not want runners waiting around for a long time. As a result these will be posted out around a week after the race.

Vets prizes will be awarded to first placed runners.

Male/Female Vet 35 up to Vet 80 in 5 year increments.

Also, first under 20 male/female.

Corporate Cup

This will be awarded to the first team of 4 male and/or female business team to cross the line.


  • Can I have a refund/defer/transfer my entry?

    Sorry no this is not possible and is contained in the terms and conditions which runners agree to prior to entering the race. As soon as you enter the race we incur significant costs such as 20% VAT, on line entry fees, staff costs plus a whole range of other goods and services which we are unable to recoup. We will however let you transfer your entry to another runner at no additional cost to you. Any financial arrangement to recoup your money is solely between you and the new runner. The deadline to do so is 9am 5th October. Please follow this link for transfer advice >>>HERE

  • what is the minimum entry age?

    15 years of age - in line with Run Britain guidelines

  • Can I wear earphones in the race?

    We do not advocate the use of any type of headphones during the race. Whilst the roads are closed to traffic, you must be aware of your surroundings, including the possibility that a car may stray onto the course. If you choose to wear headphones you do so entirely at your own risk.

  • Can I transfer my entry to another runner?

    You can transfer your entry to another runner at no additional cost to you. Any financial arrangement to recoup your money is solely between you and the new runner. The deadline to do so is 9am 5th October 2021. Please follow this link for transfer advice >>>HERE

  • When will I receive my running number and timing chip?

    About a week before the race.

  • Can I push a pushchair?

    Sorry no it is too dangerous. It is part of our licensing conditions that we assess the risk in order that we have adequate public liability insurance cover.

  • I wish to change details such as my address, tee shirt size etc

    Please follow these >>INSTRUCTIONS

  • Will there be a fun run?

    In sort the answer is no. We are not in a position to organise a fun run as well as a 10k this year for a number of reasons. Primarily we may still need to put Covid-19 restrictions in place for the 10k, the road closures will be needed longer for the 10k and we really need to focus our efforts on getting the 10k delivered safely.



Terms and conditions

I am a Participant and acknowledge that by participating in the Event, I agree to the Terms and Conditions set out below. I also understand that I am entering in to a contract with Tape2Tape Limited and not [England Athletics Limited and/or] [UK Athletics Limited].

 I hereby agree:

that any participation by me in the Event is solely and entirely at my own risk and (to the extent permitted by law) no person(s) or organisation(s) shall be liable for any accident, harm, injury, loss or damage to property, however so caused, arising out of or in connection with or, suffered during or as a result of, my participation in the Event, provided always that nothing shall exclude liability for death or personal injury caused directly by the negligence of the organiser or its employees;

consent to medical assistance and/or medical care being given to me in the case of illness, injury or an emergency situation, should this occur during  the Event, such assistance to be given by the organiser, its employees, contractors or other trained personnel conducting the Event (which may include the use of anaesthetics);

I acknowledge and agree that:

  • Running is an endurance sport.
  • I should only undertake such an activity to a level which reflects my level of fitness.
  • I am responsible for monitoring my own physical condition prior to and during participation in the Event; are advised to note the advice at
  • understand the importance, for safety reasons, of obeying the rules, guidelines and instructions given by the Event Organisers officials, stewards, nominated representatives and other authorised personnel and hereby agree to abide by the same and to behave responsibly at all times during the Event and be mindful of the impact of my actions on others; and
  • agree that my participation in the Event is for recreational and/or charity fundraising purposes only and I will not participate in the Event for any commercial or business purpose.  The Event organiser will have no liability to the Participant for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or other loss of business opportunity.
  • Minimum age for entry is 15



  • Refunds of entry fees will not be considered under any circumstances. Upon entering our events a significant amount of costs which we are unable to recoup are incurred.
  • Entries cannot be deferred to future years.
  • Entries cannot be transferred to any other Tape2Tape events.
  • You CAN transfer your entry FREE OF CHARGE to another runner until 9am on Monday 1st March 2021
  • I will not give my place in the race to anyone outside of the authorised transfer process.


The organisers will NOT be responsible for the loss, theft, or damage of your personal belongings, other than caused because of our negligence.


If a runner with disabilities wishes to enter, please contact the organisers to discuss the feasibility of safely participating in the race. We will arrange a site visit with you so that we can jointly undertake a suitable assessment of risk. If feasible and safe to do so, we will consider making reasonable adjustments to assist your participation and experience.


The organisers do not advocate the use of personal headphones during the race. We are bound by the rules of England athletics who state that only bone conducting earphones may be used in a race where the roads are not closed to traffic. If you do choose to run with headphones on you do so entirely at your own risk as it will significantly reduce your ability to listen to safety instructions.


In the event that adverse weather, a pandemic or any other prevailing circumstances mean that the race cannot take place and is to be cancelled, details will be recorded on the Tape2Tape website, an e mail will be sent out to the e mail address you registered with and on the Tape2Tape social media channels.

We will do our utmost to re-arrange the race, but there is no guarantee as permissions need to be re-applied for and goods/services booked in months in advance. If we are unable to re-arrange, no refunds will be given under any circumstances, however we will endeavour to look at alternative options.  The organisers are not liable in any way for any expenditure you may have incurred.

The organisers reserve the right to alter the course should safety or other circumstances beyond our reasonable control prevail.


Please ensure that you note any medical conditions on the rear of your running number. If you have any prevailing medical condition that you wish to make the organisers aware of please ensure you update your details on the entry system.


By entering the race, you give your permission for any photographs/video recordings to be used on the event website and on social media. Please e mail Tape2Tape if you do not wish is to happen.


Anyone who is proven to have cheated in the race or breached UK Athletics rules will be disqualified from the race at the discretion of the race director and referee. Anyone who has won prize money and is subsequently found to have cheated or in breach of UKA rules will be required to return all monies in full within seven days of request.




The race organisers will not accept any form of abuse or verbal assaults through any communications prior to the event taking place, or on the day. We reserve the right to reject your race entry or ask you to leave the event should an incident occur on the day. You would also be removed from the race results.


  • Runners must NOT be accompanied by anyone on a pedal cycle. This may result in disqualification.
  • All dogs are banned from the race. Anyone wishing to run with a guide dog must contact the organisers in advance of race day.
  • All prams, pushchairs and buggies are banned from the race.


If you are prize winner, it is your responsibility to either collect it yourself at presentation or ask someone to do so on your behalf. If you fail to collect your prize the organisers will endeavour to ensure that you receive it, but they will not be responsible for any postage costs.


Any found property handed to Tape2Tape will be kept for two weeks after the race then it will be disposed of. Any postage charges will be the responsibility of the loser should a request be made to post lost items.


It is YOUR responsibility to check that any food/drink that you purchase, OR receive as part of the race at the event, is suitable for your needs and does not contain any ingredients that you are unable to consume as a result of a medical condition.


Tape2Tape are committed to the General data protection regulations. Full details can be found in our privacy policy .

Thank you for submitting your details.

We will be in touch with you if more places become available.


The race is inclusive and we encourage entries from all runners, irrespective of their ability. We encourage anyone who has any concerns about the course and whether or not it is  suitable for their individual circumstances to contact Nicola by e mail or telephone 01472 824894. We will be happy to meet with you on the course and discuss any areas of concern you may have.

10k Course

The  course itself is flat, on wide tarmac roads, which should make it suitable for athletes in wheelchairs. The only issues we are aware of is there is a grassed area after the finish line where wheelchair athletes may need some assistance, please ask.

You are however encouraged, irrespective of your ability, to contact or telephone 01472 824894 to discuss your individual circumstances so we can jointly decide on the best start time or position in the field for you.


We are bound by Run Britain rulings which state the minimum age for the 10k is 15.


There are plenty of parking spaces close to the start/finish area.


Morton Village Hall has a  ‘disabled’ toilet based in the main building.

Visual impairment

Any visually impaired athlete is encouraged to run with a guide, who has a hi-viz tabard on denoting their role. Entry into the race is free for a guide, please contact or telephone 01472 824894.


Race information

If you wish to receive any race material in a format which meets your needs then please contact us.


Race Day assistance

If any athlete requires specific assistance on race day, we ask that you contact us as early as possible.


We actively encourage anyone to come forward and volunteer to assist at the race. We will work with you to provide the most appropriate role for your circumstances


As race organisers we are keen to improve how we make the event truly inclusive. If you have any queries or suggestions on how to improve our inclusivity then contact or telephone 01472 824894.

Time Limit

There will be a strictly imposed 1 hour 40 minutes time limit for the race.

This is a running event so we reasonably expect everyone to finish within this time. This is necessary to minimise disruption to the general public due to the roads being closed.

Anyone who fails to reach the half way point within 50 minutes will  not be allowed to continue in the race and will be offered a lift in the sweep vehicle.

Security Advice

In view of the current increased security threat facing everyone in the UK, we have been provided sound advice by the police on how we can all stay safe. There is no need for anyone to be alarmed, we want everyone to enjoy the race as normal, but ask that you remain alert and vigilant.

Please report any unattended baggage or suspicious activity to an event marshal.

If using the baggage buses, you must show your runner number prior to handing the bag to our volunteers.

Don’t leave bags unattended or anywhere they could cause a security scare. And never agree to look after anyone else’s bags, no matter how plausible their story.
In an emergency, if you think there is an immediate risk, always call 999 and look around you for help from race marshals.

Remember, the chance of being caught in a terrorism incident is small. But if it happens – Run, Hide, Tell.



We actively ensure that we are taking great care of the environment at our events, but we also rely on our race participants to do their bit too!

We encourage all participants to be great ambassadors and ensure that they run our events as Litter Free Runners #litterfreerunner #litterfreerace This will also be printed on your running bibs as a gentle reminder!

One of the ways you can be a great ambassador as this event is PLEASE ensure that you pop your empty gel pockets BACK in the pocket you were carrying them in……or drop close to a marshal.

Plastic bottles/paper cups can be dropped close to the water station or at a marshals feet…..please do not throw gently!!

Some of the ways that we ensure we maintain a positive environmental impact at our event include:

  • Encouraging car sharing
  • Ensuring all rubbish/ is removed from the route and recycled
  • Using recyclable paper cups
  • Reducing the amount of plastic bottles we hand out
  • Recycling all race plastic, paper and card
  • Providing bottle recycling bins for you to use at the stadium
  • Donating discarded clothing left at the start line by runners to a local charity
  • Emailing Key information to participants instead of printing and posted.
  • Not handing out plastic goody bags containing paper adverts
  • Donating some of our left over t-shirts and ALL left over medals to the charity Operation Christmas child, who give them to needy children around the world