7 Lakes, Crowle, North Lincolnshire

6:00 PM

Race overview


By popular request we are organising a super off road night time 10k race from the fantastic 7 Lakes Country Park. This is really well located just 2 minutes drive from junction 2 of the M180, so well in reach.

Only 350 places available.

7 Lakes is a safe and ideal setting to host a head torch race. It has some lovely wooded area, grass tracks and footpaths for you all to enjoy.

A fabulous long sleeved technical tee shirt is provided for all participants.

Out hosts at 7 Lakes are organising some lovely soup and a roll for afterwards, which you can pre-book at only £2 each.

Latest news

February 17, 2019

Dear runner

Many thanks for entering our very first night trail 10k race which takes place on Saturday at 6pm.
Venue is 7 Lakes Country Park in Crowle, just 2 minutes off junction 2 of the M180. Post code is DN17 4JS.
We are extremely grateful to 7 Lakes Country Park for allowing us to use their fantastic facilities as well as for some great logistical support.

If you are ill/injured please do not turn up on race day. We have medical provision in place for unforeseen issues, not those that can be reasonably avoided…thanks.

Transfer of places
We will allow free transfer of entries up until 3pm this Thursday. Instructions on how to do so can be found >>>HERE

There is ample on-site parking for all the runners. Those who want a swift departure are asked to be aware that the car park exit does cross over the race route, where we will have marshals guiding you out.

This will start at 430pm in the bar at 7 Lakes Country Park. Here you will collect your runner number, long sleeved tee shirt as well as a gift from us to you!
Please remember to bring safety pins with you and write your emergency contact details on the back of your number.
Those who have pre-ordered soup will be provided with a token which will be served in the bar afterwards.

Changing facilities
There are very limited changing facilities on site. Please do not get changed in the bar as members of the public really don’t want to see you in all your glory whilst they are tucking into their scampi and chips!
Parking is all within a short walk of the start/finish, so there is no bag store on site.

The Course
This is all within the confines of 7 Lakes Country Park. At present it is very muddy, even slippery in places. The course itself goes through some lovely woodland, where there may be hidden branches etc. Please make sure you choose appropriate footwear.
Headphones are not to be used as you will not be able to hear the instructions of race marshals….please respect this.
The course itself will be very well marked…so you wont get lost!!!!
The course is 2 laps and you will pass through the finish area at the end of the first lap, where you will be able to grab some water.
You will also receive a bottle of water once you have finished the race….thanks to Lincolnshire Co-op.

Please make sure that you arrive with your torch fully charged. We do not have any spares and you will not be allowed to run without one ,as it will be far too dangerous.

Unable to finish the race
Really important…if for whatever reason you do not finish the  race you MUST go and speak to one of the team in Race HQ as we need to know that everyone has finished safely….thanks

This will be held in the bar as soon as we are able to do so.

This will be done on gun to tape time. Results will appear >>>HERE as soon as they become available.

Race Crew
We are still in need of a few more race crew volunteers to fill the team. If you know of anyone who would like to support, please ask them to e mail laura@tape2tape.co.uk

Race entries
If you know of anyone who still wishes to enter the race, there are a handful of places left. These are limited as we have ordered just enough tee shirts.

Up to date information

Keep up to date with race information as it happens

Web www.knightsof7lakes.run

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Tape2TapeEvents/

Twitter https://twitter.com/tape2tapeevents

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tape2tapeuk/

All that remains is for us to wish you a safe journey to the race and hope you have a great time running 10k in the dark.

Best regards

Race entry


A race licence has been obtained through Run Britain. View it >>> 7 Lakes Race Licence

Minimum recommended age is 18 for a night race.

Entry fee includes a fabulous long sleeved technical tee shirt

Afilliated £20; Affiliated £22

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Race HQ

This is at the fabulous 7 Lakes Country Park, Wharf Road, Crowle. DN17 4JS, just 2 minutes off junction 2 of the M180

Free off road parking

Showers and toilets

Food/drink in bar afterwards

Race course


A 2 lap 10k course through beautiful parkland.

Map of the route can be found >>>  knights-route


Male/Female Prizes

1st place £30 plus trophy and Metres to Miles Voucher

2nd place £20 plus trophy and Metres to Miles Voucher

3rd place £10 plus trophy and Metres to Miles Voucher


  • Can I have a refund/defer/transfer my entry?

    Sorry No. Please see terms and conditions. As runners ourselves we appreciate that when we enter a race we may be ill/injured on the day , it happens. We have spent lots of money on entering races, but do not ever expect a refund or defer it to a subsequent year. Your entry fee has been spent on providing goods and services for the race. These include your on-line entry fee, vat, medical provision as well as a whole host of other expenses.   A detailed set of instructions on how to perform the transfer can be found HERE. If you have any queries please contact RESULTS BASE

  • When will I receive my finishers tee shirt?

    On race day

  • Can I wear earphones in the race?

    Absolutely no, as you will not be able to hear your surroundings or marshals instructions

  • What is the minimum entry age

    Run Britain stipulate 18 as it is a night race

  • When will I receive my running number ?

    On race day

  • Can I transfer my entry to another runner?

    Yes you can do so free of charge until 1500 on 21-2-2019. A detailed set of instructions on how to perform the transfer can be found HERE. If you have any queries please contact RESULTS BASE



Terms and conditions


I am a Participant and acknowledge that by participating in the Event, I agree to the terms below and the Conditions, which include details of my cancellation rights. I also understand that I am entering in to a contract with the Event organiser and not [England Athletics Limited and/or] [UK Athletics Limited].


I hereby:


agree that any participation by me in the Event is solely and entirely at my own risk and (to the extent permitted by law) no person(s) or organisation(s) shall be liable for any accident, harm, injury, loss or damage to property, however so caused, arising out of or in connection with or, suffered during or as a result of, my participation in the Event, provided always that nothing shall exclude liability for death or personal injury caused directly by the negligence of the organiser or its employees;


consent to medical assistance and/or medical care being given to me in the case of illness, injury or an emergency situation, should this occur during  the Event, such assistance to be given by the organiser, its employees, contractors or other trained personnel conducting the Event (which may include the use of anaesthetics);


I acknowledge and agree that:


running is an endurance sport;


I should only undertake such an activity to a level which reflects my level of fitness;


I am responsible for monitoring my own physical condition prior to and during participation in the Event; are advised to note the advice at www.runnersmedicalresource.com


understand the importance, for safety reasons, of obeying the rules, guidelines and instructions given by the Event Organisers officials, stewards, nominated representatives and other authorised personnel and hereby agree to abide by the same and to behave responsibly at all times during the Event and be mindful of the impact of my actions on others; and


agree that my participation in the Event is for recreational and/or charity fundraising purposes only and I will not participate in the Event for any commercial or business purpose.  The Event organiser will have no liability to the Participant for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or other loss of business opportunity.


Minimum age for entry is 18 in the 10km race


Refunds of entry fee will not be considered under any circumstances.

Entries can not be deferred to future years.

Entries can not be transferred to any other Tape2Tape events.

Do not run using any other runners number. You can transfer to another runner up until 2pm on 21st February.


.The organisers will not be responsible for the loss, theft or damage of your personal belongings, other than caused as a result of our negligence.


If a runner with disabilities wishes to enter, please make contact with the organisers to discuss the feasibility of safely participating in the race. We will arrange a site visit with you so that you can undertake a suitable assessment of risk.


Headphones are not allowed.


In the event that adverse weather or any other prevailing circumstances mean that the race is to be cancelled, details will be recorded on this website and on the event Face book page. A message will also be left on the event mobile phone. No refunds will be given, however we will make arrangements so you can collect your race souvenirs. The organisers are not liable in any way for any expenditure you may have incurred.


Please ensure that you note any medical conditions on the rear of your running number. If you have any prevailing medical condition that you wish to make the organisers aware of then please notify by e mail.


By entering the race you give your permission for any photographs/video recordings to be used on the event website.


Anyone who is proven to have cheated in the race or breached UK Athletics rules will be disqualified from the race at the discretion of the race director and referee. Anyone who has won prize money and is subsequently found to have cheated or in breach of UKA rules will be required to return all monies in full within seven days of request.


Runners must not be accompanied by anyone on a pedal cycle.


All dogs are banned from the race. Anyone wishing to run with a guide dog must contact the organisers in advance of race day.


All prams, pushchairs and buggies are banned from the race.


In the event that you are prize winner it is your responsibility to either collect it yourself at presentation or ask someone to do so on your behalf. The organisers will not take responsibility for posting out prizes after race day.


Any found property handed to Tape2Tape will be kept for two weeks after the race then it will be disposed of. Any postage charges will be the responsibility of the loser should a request be made to post lost items.


It is your responsibility to check that any food you purchase at the event is suitable for your needs and does not contain any ingredients that you are unable to consume as a result of a medical condition.


Tape2Tape are committed to the General data protection regulations. Full details can be found in our privacy policy https://tape2tape.co.uk/privacy-policy/ .

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7 Lakes Country Park

Our hosts at 7 Lakes have been exceptionally supportive of this brand new night race. Their venue is perfect for a torch race as it takes in their beautiful grounds which include woodlands, footpaths and trails.

Full details of their site facilities can be found  >>> HERE

7 Lakes can be contacted  on 01724 712211


Running in darkness can prove to be more demanding on the body than daytime running. As part of our race licencing conditions every participant must wear a head torch and have hi visibility/reflective clothing.

We will assist to make it safe with plenty of marshals who will wear hi viz and carry glo sticks. The signage will be reflective as will your runner numbers.

The course will be very well marked out, with lead/sweep cyclists helping you around.

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