Quibell Park Scunthorpe

11:00 AM

Race overview

Everyone involved with Tape2Tape would like to thank you, the runners, for your amazing support of the re-arranged 10k. You turned out in great numbers and really helped to make it another memorable day.

The Race Crew Volunteers did a wonderful job for you all. They turned out in the blustery conditions to provide you with motivational support as well as keeping you safe.

The service providers and local authority also played a significant role in allowing the race to take place with just 2 weeks notice.


Thank you everyone.



The fabulous volunteer photographers are still working through the many pics they took of you. We will upload more albums when they become available.

All you need to do is click on the names below to download the FREE piccies.

Roger Kimberley-Scott

Scunthorpe Telegraph

keep checking back as Patrick adds more pics to his album Patrick Barnett

John Rainsforth    8km

John Rainsforth    Start


You can view >>>RESULTS HERE


Valentines Couples

Club Results

First placed age group winners will be receiving their Metres to Miles Vouchers in the post.

If you have any results queries please contact Results Base who timed the race on or behalf. >>>RESULTS QUERIES


Thank you for submitting your details.

We will be in touch with you if more places become available.


The race is inclusive and we encourage entries from all runners, irrespective of their ability. We encourage anyone who has any concerns about the course and whether or not it is  suitable for their individual circumstances to contact Nicola by e mail Nicola@tape2tape.co.uk or telephone 01472 824894. We will be happy to meet with you on the course and discuss any areas of concern you may have.

10k Course

The  course itself is flat, on wide tarmac roads, which should make it suitable for athletes in wheelchairs. The only issues we are aware of are

  • Brumby Common Lane is a bit bumpy in places.
  • Quibell Park has a few ‘speed’ humps’ to negotiate
  • There is  short drop down onto the running track at Quibell Park

You are however encouraged, irrespective of your ability, to contact Nicola@tape2tape.co.uk or telephone 01472 824894 to discuss your individual circumstances so we can jointly decide on the best start time or position in the field for you.



We are bound by Run Britain rulings which state the minimum age for the 10k is 15.


There are plenty of parking spaces close to the start/finish area.


Quibell Park has a large car park with easy access to all facilities. There is a ‘disabled’ toilet based in the main building.


Visual impairment

Any visually impaired athlete is encouraged to run with a guide, who has a hi-viz tabard on denoting their role. Entry into the race is free for a guide, please contact Nicola@tape2tape.co.uk or telephone 01472 824894.


Race information

If you wish to receive any race material in a format which meets your needs then please contact us.


Race Day assistance

If any athlete requires specific assistance on race day, we ask that you contact us as early as possible.


We actively encourage anyone to come forward and volunteer to assist at the race. We will work with you to provide the most appropriate role for your circumstances


As race organisers we are keen to improve how we make the event truly inclusive. If you have any queries or suggestions on how to improve our inclusivity then contact Nicola@tape2tape.co.uk or telephone 01472 824894.

Time Limit

Due to road closures and the need to allow free flow of traffic in both directions out of the Quibell Park car park we will be imposing a strict finish time limit of 1h 33 minutes. This is a 15 minute mile which is running and not walking pace.

Anyone falling outside of this time will be asked to leave the race.


We are a #litterfreerace and you are a #litterfreerunner .Please dispose of any litter carefully. Full gel packets fit in your pocket, so please put the empties back in there.

Some of the ways that we ensure that we maintain a positive environmental impact at our event


  • Encouraging car sharing
  • Ensuring all rubbish is removed from the route
  • Using drinks containers that can be re-cycled
  • Any discarded clothing left at the start line by runners in collected and then donated to a local charity
  • Key information is emailed to participants instead of being posted.
  • We do not give away goody bags.