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  • Gainsborough Morton 10k 2023

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Walkerith Road, Morton

10:00 AM

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Hope you enjoyed that today.

See you again next year.



A massive thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who took some fabulous photographs of you at the 2023 race.

Please be mindful that the volunteer photographers will need time to sort and upload their pics.

Link to race pics https://tape2tape.photohawk.com/galleries/gainsborough-morton-10k-2023

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The race is inclusive and we encourage entries from all runners, irrespective of their ability. We encourage anyone who has any concerns about the course and whether or not it is  suitable for their individual circumstances to contact Nicola by e mail Nicola@tape2tape.co.uk or telephone 01472 824894. We will be happy to meet with you on the course and discuss any areas of concern you may have.

10k Course

The  course itself is flat, on wide tarmac roads, which should make it suitable for athletes in wheelchairs. The only issues we are aware of is there is a grassed area after the finish line where wheelchair athletes may need some assistance, please ask.

You are however encouraged, irrespective of your ability, to contact Nicola@tape2tape.co.uk or telephone 01472 824894 to discuss your individual circumstances so we can jointly decide on the best start time or position in the field for you.


We are bound by Run Britain rulings which state the minimum age for the 10k is 15.


There are plenty of parking spaces close to the start/finish area.


Morton Village Hall has a  ‘disabled’ toilet based in the main building.

Visual impairment

Any visually impaired athlete is encouraged to run with a guide, who has a hi-viz tabard on denoting their role. Entry into the race is free for a guide, please contact Nicola@tape2tape.co.uk or telephone 01472 824894.


Race information

If you wish to receive any race material in a format which meets your needs then please contact us.


Race Day assistance

If any athlete requires specific assistance on race day, we ask that you contact us as early as possible.


We actively encourage anyone to come forward and volunteer to assist at the race. We will work with you to provide the most appropriate role for your circumstances


As race organisers we are keen to improve how we make the event truly inclusive. If you have any queries or suggestions on how to improve our inclusivity then contact Nicola@tape2tape.co.uk or telephone 01472 824894.





Here at Tape2Tape we are committed to ensuring our events are sustainable and have minimum impact on the environment.

A single conference attendee can generate up to 1.89kg of waste each day they attend an event,1.29kg of which goes directly to landfill. 

The statement above really does hit home for us! We are mindful that events can cause litter, our aim is to be a litter free race. This sounds ambitious but with the help of all who attend we really can make this happen! To be a litter free race we need to encourage recycling to reduce waste. We encourage our race participants and attendees to be litter/waste free by being mindful to dispose of items properly, recycling where possible. Our aims are to ensure that more is being recycled at our events.

We encourage runners not to bring single use plastic bottles to drink on the route, we have adequate water stations, all with recyclable paper cups. If runners do carry a bottle, we ask that they please try to ensure that it is a reusable one.

Some of the other ways that we ensure we maintain a positive environmental impact and ensure our events are sustainable, they include:

  • Using recyclable paper cups at all water stations
  • The bottle of water provided at the finish is made from 100% re-cycled plastic
  • Bins for recycling bottles will be at the finish area
  • Any discarded clothing left on the start line by runners is collected and then donated to a local charity who receive funds for the recyclable weight
  • No paper material is posted out to participants – key information is emailed out by a full colour PDF race brochure
  • We do not give away post-race goody bags that containing paper items/leaflets etc
  • We endeavour to use an electric lead car in the race to reduce emissions around the race route
  • Spare event medals and some of the left-over event t-shirts are donated to a local charity to reuse or recycle for funds
  • We encourage runners to bring along old trainers, medals and clothing that will be recycled by a local charity
  • Using local service providers
  • Encouraging car sharing where is safe and appropriate to do so
  • We continue to look at ways we can improve our environmental footprint

Long sleeved race tee shirts

For the first time at this race we are offering you the chance to purchase a fantastic LONG SLEEVED race T-shirt that will be great for autumn/winter training.
We are offering these at the great price of only £9.75 each and are to be collected on race day before the event so you can run in it if you wish.

Available during registration for the race or after entering by logging into your Results Base account to do so.  Size from xs through to xxl.



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