Tape2Tape organise award winning quality races which provide exceptionally safe and enjoyable experiences for all of our runners. Our events are friendly, community orientated and support runners of all abilities. When you enter our races you are enabling us to support many local charities and community groups who have been benefiting from our races for years.

As experienced runners ourselves, we organise events from a runners perspective and look at all details from the minute the events are advertised right through to being back at home after your race. Our ethos is to provide everyone with a safe and enjoyable race day experience. We also want you to come back year on year and tell your friends about us!

Tape2Tape was formed by us in 2011, with our first organised race being the North Lincolnshire Half Marathon. Initially it was our hobby, we have now been organising events for10 years and both work full time! You will NEVER know what’s involved to enable you as a runner to turn up and run!

We don’t just see our events as races, we work hard with many local organisations to bring a real community feel to the events, ensuring inclusivity for all. We are very keen to work with local charities and community groups with all our races. Over the years we have directly and indirectly ensured that thousands of pounds has been secured for many worthy causes.

We have gained many loyal volunteers since we started, some of whom we now consider as great friends, we are very grateful to each and every volunteer who joins our Race Crew.

Finally, we absolutely love what we do, thank you so much for supporting our events.

Nicola & Neil


Joint Managing Director and Founder of Tape2Tape

I am passionate about all forms of running and have ran in races of all distances(100m up to 50 miles) since I started in the mid 1980’s. I have built up a wealth of experience over the years and would describe myself as a ‘steady club runner!’ I have been a member of a few clubs including Hatfield Polytechnic, White City(Hull), Scunthorpe and District, City of Hull, Wolds Veteran Runners Club and Caistor Running club.

I do not have many claims to fame, except having ran 27 Great North runs which is something I am very proud of.

My main passion nowadays is off road running, being out in the middle of nowhere in our beautiful countryside for me is what running is all about.

I also love the head torch runs which we organise throughout the winter months, bringing runners from many different places together for some fun!

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Joint Managing Director and Founder of Tape2Tape

I started running in 2007 and absolutely love it. I prefer long distance and have a real passion for trail and fell running. It usually takes me 5 or 6 miles to get into my stride, which seems to help me on some of the long and mad off road ventures that I like to do. I completed my first road marathon in 2012, having the pleasure of running around the island of Jersey.

My real passion is off road running in the middle of nowhere with a map and sometimes waterproofs! I’m always looking for an off road challenge to test my endurance….its just race organisation that gets in the way now! The island of Menorca has to be one of my favourite places to run, it has a trail all the way around the island that greets you with many different terrains.

My other passion in life is making a difference to others…….I feel that I can achieve this through the races that I organise. The best part of my job is seeing those that thought they couldn’t, cross the finish line, or those that are inspired by the volunteering opportunities we offer. Anything is possible when we believe in ourselves.

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Lydia Gibbs


Joined the team in 2018.

Lydia is relatively new to the world of running since joining the Wolds Vets in 2013 and has loved and ran in many local races and a few not so local.

Lydia’s highlight was to take  part in the World Master Championships in Perth Australia in Oct 2016, competing with her brother and dad

Lydia has competed in one marathon to date as well as a few ultra marathons including the Lyke Wake Challenge of 42 miles across the North York Moors.

Lydia has also joined Grimsby Triathlon  Club, which is a huge feat  as she could barely  swim a year ago.

She loves being part of the running scene both socially and competitively and  enjoys running off road with my music and her dog.  Headtorch runs are a winter favourite.

Lydia said, ‘I am thrilled to be part  of the Tape2Tape race crew and I am looking forward to working alongside Neil and Nicola in delivering more quality events .’


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Lucy Talbot

Lucy Joined the Team in July 2022

Lucy’s passion is definitely volunteers! She has been a Volunteer Manager for Blue Lights Brigade since January 2019.  Lucy calls herself an amateur wannabee runner! even though she has been running since 2008.

Her favourite runs are off-road, middle distance and can often be found running around our FitRoute courses across North East Lincolnshire.  Her most favourite place to run is on the Lincolnshire Wolds across the Irby Dales.  She has just started her Parkrun journey so keep a look out for her if you go to the Cleethorpes Country Parkrun.  Lucy’s most memorable sporting moment was completing her first triathlon in 2018.

Lucy first started volunteering for Tape2Tape in 2019 through Community Interest Company; Blue Lights Brigade.  She has marshalled and lead teams at the Great Grimsby 10K, Coastal Half Marathon, Gruesome Twosome, Halloween Hobble and Santa Stride.

Lucy says that she is very excited to be working alongside the Tape2Tape team as Volunteer Manager, and is very much looking forward to welcoming some new ‘Race Makers’. She is also keen to nurture our existing volunteers and is keen to look after those who are volunteering for the first time.


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Yvonne Doyle

She loves it!

Nicola’s mum Yvonne  works very hard behind the scenes in a number of ways, from admin tasks to making sure that all the runners receive their race packs in good time. On race day you will see her under a Tape2Tape gazebo selling a range of running products. Runners return from race to race to have a chat with her.

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Stuart MacFarlane

Stuart joined  the team in late 2019.

Stuart is quite new to the world of running only starting in 2017 and has ran in local races and a few a bit further afield.

Stuart has completed one marathon to date in Paris, with others on the horizon.

Stuart is also a member of Cleethorpes Triathlon Club; He loves challenging off road running. A regular supporter and organiser of our winter head torch runs. Really enjoys supporting others and seeing them achieve their goals.

Running motto – ‘Somewhere in the middle and still smiling!’

“I am very pleased to be part of the Tape2tape team and looking forward to playing my part, ensuring many more safe and enjoyable races and events.”

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